A 2D platformer, with Glitches.

  • Language: Python 3.
  • Status: Development Temporarily Halted.
  • Libraries: PyGame, JSON
  • Primary Focus: Learning and Public Usage.


Developed in 2016, this is a prototype of a game which gameplay is based on discovering and using glitches to get to the next level.

It uses a simple Tiled map reader to read its data from .tmx maps and render them to screen, although the software-only rendering makes it difficult to run well on many PCs, also due to the low quality of the code, which is written as a monolyth and without using any Software Engineering principle or design pattern.

This project formed me a lot on refactoring code as well as teaching me how 2D graphics work on a low level (Blitting and game loops, for instance), this was also my first real introduction to Python's easy and powerful logging library.

Current Status

The game is playable but far from finished, all the graphics are mostly low-quality placeholders, even though I would go for a pixel-art style. The character tends to feel as lacking in weight and control can feel inconsistent, sometimes being too tight/precise and sometimes too loose.

The main mechanics work and the game is playable, but also features spikes in difficulty, making the game frustrating.

Future Development

At the moment the project is halted due to work, but I plan on taking this project back and re-write it completely, using the best practices I know, as well as new technology, such as C++ and SFML or C# and Unity.

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