Some Minecraft Plugins I made in the old days.

  • Language: Java.
  • Status: Accepting only BugFix Requests.
  • Dependencies: Spigot APIs, Maven
  • Primary Focus: Learning.

These are all the Minecraft Plugins I made between 2014 and 2016, when I didn't really know proper programming principles and Software Engineering.

The primary focuses of these plugins were learning how to work with a given API and also helping who needed a problem solved on the server.

Also these plugins haven't been maintained since 2016, so they might not work on newer versions of Minecraft/Spigot.

Each plugin name is clickable and will redirect to the project repository.

Here is the list of plugins I made, in order of importance:

This is an in-game ticketing plugin with customizable labels and a "hotspot system" allowing for direct teleport to a specially-crafted comment, thus avoiding cluttering the ticket list.
This is a plugin born from an idea: emotes get boring after a while, because they always write out the same phrase. This plugin picks a different phrase for each emote class every time, allowing also for some basic randomizations, like inserting a random number inside the message.
Another wild idea gave life to this plugin: allowing the players to forge new enchantments into their weapons, with a small risk of losing levels in the affected enchantment, or losing the enchantment completely. A good money/gold sink for economy-based servers.
This plugin was created as an alternative to an exporting system in a server I played on, which had an annoying issue: you had to trade items in very limited quantities at a time due to a shopkeeper limitation. This plugin allows to export chests of items at once, if necessary, and receiving pre-configured items in return. Makes for a good money/gold source for economy-based servers.
Heavily inspired by the "Pandoras Box" one command script, this plugin spawns a box that upon being opened creates a wave of enemies to battle against. Features a boss fight when the box "gets overloaded"
This plugin was created to give a new server a smart and light chat management system, with specific permissions so that staff doesn't lose any message in chat, in case of a chat clear (which was really annoying back in the day)
This was asked by a friend who was a builder on a server. The objective is simple but complex at the same time: making a plugin that functions as a "flower brush", allowing to easily decorate fields and anything that would require grass or flowers. This is a multiplayer-unsafe plugin, and doesn't check if the ground under the plants is compatible with the plant, so "flowers planted on a building roof" are bound to happen.
This was my first plugin, made to ease the transition from the old chat message format to the new JSON-based message system. With time this plugin started having more and more utilities to enrich chat, like being able to show an item's features in chat.
This plugin was made to make players pay to cross an enderportal (originally with ender eyes), in case the items needed weren't in inventory, the teleport was cancelled.
Simple plugin to execute a boss summon command at regular intervals.
Extremely small plugin with one clear objective: setting the default health of players to 40HP instead of 20.
This plugin was created as a temporary fix to an issue: vanished staff (which is supposed to look as offline) was still able to receive emotes and trade requests. This plugin filtered such requests and returned a custom message and aborting the operation, making the player think the staff was really offline.

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