A mosquito tracker with statistics and reporting features.

  • Language: Python 3.
  • Status: In Use / Actively Maintained.
  • Framework: Django
  • Dependencies: PostgreSQL, Celery, LibreOffice, BootStrap 3
  • Primary Focus: Work.

EntoStudio is a fully-featured cloud-based application used to take care about everything concening the surveillance over mosquito population.

The most notable features are:

  • Integrated mosquito sampling functionalities;
  • Plugin-based automatic Weather Data download;
  • Assisted Check-Based Report Generation;
  • Assisted Periodic Report Generation;
  • Laboratory Samples Management;
  • Management System for larvicide treatments;
  • Statistics;
  • Per-User Preferences;
  • Installable on Mobile devices as a Progressive Web Application (PWA);
  • Raw data extraction;
  • In-App Notifications from the server maintenance team;
  • Extremely low network footprint.

The Entostudio name and logo are property of EntoStudio S.R.L.

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