My 50-Hour long Object Oriented Programming Class Project

  • Language: C++
  • Status: Archived.
  • Libraries: Qt 5.8
  • Primary Focus: University Work.

This project was created for an Object Oriented class in my BSc Course of "Object Oriented Programming", the objective was to create a container and a GUI that gave access to a set of information.

My idea was creating some kind of simplified "content distribution" system that can distribute Software or Videos. Such Software allows for searching, inserting and deleting items, as well as featuring a very rough permission system as well as a login.

This software was coded with a restrictive set of compiler options: -Wall -Wextra -Werror -pedantic, the objective is to create a code that is as much standard-compliant as possible. I managed to code everything without any warning thrown by the compiler.

A successive analysis with CLang's scan-build currently reports 5 potential memory leaks, all in the User Management section, out of over 2000 lines of code.

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