A fast ncurses interface for the Unix Password Manager

  • Language: Python 3.
  • Status: Actively Maintained.
  • Framework: None
  • Dependencies: Pass
  • Primary Focus: Personal Use.

This is a simple project that was born from a simple necessity: I needed some way to quickly find a password, with few keystrokes.

Pass is a great way to store passwords in plain GPG archives, but lacked a way to quickly get to a password (being mainly a script), besides the standard bash completions. So I decided to experiment with Python and the Curses library to create something that would suit my necessities.

Npass is modal, the same interface can be used to execute edit, copy, view commands as well as deleting passwords. It uses a fuzzy finder approach to navigate the password store tree quickly.

I wouldn't consider Npass a production-ready software, being something I put together in less than an hour, but it's enough to suit my necessities and it makes my work a bit faster, when password storage and retrieval is involved.

In September 2019 Npass got a full rewrite, now its code is more readable, extensible and clean and the overall stability has improved greatly.

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